Hello Marine Enthusiasts,

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post. I would like to talk about Reef photography. I find this to be a very good subject. almost as rewarding as Reef keeping its self. I did not get into Photography until much later in my career. It was literally years down the road.  So the first thing I want you to understand is you can not get great pictures with poor camera or great camera. Also if you like photography you will find that this will lead into other parts of your life. So when I started I had no clue what to use. But lucky the day I decided to use my camera that I had bought for my photographer was stolen out of my jeep. Funny story.  So that inspired me to buy a new one. Witch I stared off with a Canon Eos 6ts. I also picked up a 60 mm macro lens. Now after that I purchased  a 100 mm, witch I loved. Some of the things I learned was the use of exttension tubes. But what no body says, unless you search for hr if not days are what kind and what features to get on those tubes. Oh like make sure that they are able to use your auto focus on the lenses. This is sometimes helpful. So any why email me respond to the post with question or commits. Or if you like this topic.

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